​The Pilgrimage of Grace

Chapter 12 : List of Pilgrims' Demands

These are the demands sent to the King and Government on 2 nd December 1536.

1. Suppression of heresies of Luther, Huss, Wycliffe, Melanchthon, Bucer, Barnes, Tyndale and others.

2. Pope to consecrate bishops but no pensions or first fruits (the first year's income from a clerical position) to be paid to the Pope, save a reasonable pension for defence of faith.

3. Restoration of Princess Mary to the succession, by Act of Parliament, less the Crown fall to James V of Scotland.

4. Abbeys to be restored.

5. Rents and first fruits discharged only a rent charge to Crown.

6. Friars Observant to be restored.

7. Heretic bishops to be burnt or tried in battle.

8. Cromwell and Sir Richard Rich to be punished.

9. Tenant right in a list of counties with two years rent for gressomes (money paid to the landlord on entering a tenancy). To be implemented by an Act of Parliament.

10. Leigh and Leyton (Cromwell's most hated Commissioners who had investigated the monasteries) to have condign punishment for their extortions against the monasteries.

11. Statute of handguns and crossbows repealed except in King's forest or parks.

12. Reformation of election of knights of the shire and burgesses, though no specifics on how this was to be done.

13. Statute for inclosures intacks executed and all since 4 Henry VII to be taken down except mountains forests and parks.

14. Discharged of the quinzaine and other taxes granted by Parliament.

15. A Parliament to be held at York or Nottingham and that shortly.

16. Repeal of the Act permitting Crown to be willed by the King.

17. Cancellation of all recognisances, penalties etc from the time of commotion.

18. Privileges and rights of Church recognised, man saved by his book (ie that the old benefit of clergy, that meant clerics were judged by Church courts rather than the King's should be retained). Priests not put to sword unless degraded.Rights of 40 days of sanctuary and all laws as at the beginning of the King's reign.

19. Liberties of the Church restored at Ripon, Durham etc.

20. To have the statute "that no man shall not will his lands" repealed (The Statute of Uses).

21. Statute of treason for words and such like since 21 Henry VIII (1530) repealed.

22. Common law restored as at beginning of reign and no injunctions unless granted by chancery.

23. Men north of the Trent to be subpoenaed to York or to appear by attorney (rather than having to appear in court in person in London).