Arbella Stuart

Lady Arbella Stuart was a potential successor to Elizabeth I, but her life was one of frustration and sorrow.

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  • On This Day 30th April 1530

    On 30th April 1530 Sir Gilbert Tailboys (or Talboys) died. Tailboys, born around 1498, was a High Sheriff of Lincoln, and a Gentleman of Henry VIII’s Privy Chamber. He was also step-father to Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond, the King’s illegitimate son by Elizabeth (Bessie) Blount. Tailboys’ marriage to the King’s former mistress proved lucrative, with the grant of the barony of Kyme as well as lands in Warwickshire and Yorkshire. He and Bessie had three children, all of whom inherited his barony, including his daughter, but none of whom produced issue of their own.

  • On This Day 29th April 1540

    On 29th April 1540, Emperor Charles V, in his capacity as Count of Flanders, formally revoked all of the privileges enjoyed by the town of Ghent. The city, one of the most important trading hubs in northern Europe, had rebelled against a tax of some 400 thousand guelders that had been imposed the previous year on Flanders. Ghent had requested to provide soldiers rather than cash, but Charles, and his sister Mary, who was his Regent, had refused. Charles arrived in person to quash the rebellion, accompanied by an army of nobles and supporters from across his empire, as well as an army of soldiers. The town’s right to self-government, confirmed by Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy in 1453 after a previous rebellion (pictured), was abolished.

  • On This Day 28th April 1489

    On 28th April 1489 Henry Percy, 4th Earl of Northumberland, was lynched by a mob when attempting to collect tax. It was believed that the crowd’s real motive was vengeance for Northumberland’s refusal to deploy his troops at the Battle of Bosworth. Summoned by Richard III, he raised his feudal levy but watched the battle without intervening. His motives are unknown – his family were traditional Lancastrians, but he had served Edward IV faithfully. His personal relationship with Richard III fluctuated as Richard took many of the northern offices formerly held by the Percys. As a child, he had been a hostage together with Henry Tudor, under the control of William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke, so bonds of friendship may have been created then between the two Henrys. Perhaps Northumberland was just sick of bloodshed and sought to protect his own men from slaughter.

    His tomb (pictured) is in Beverly Minster.

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