​The Pilgrimage of Grace

Chapter 13 : Lady Scrope's Letter

Letter written by Katherine Clifford, Lady Scrope of Bolton, on 14 th October 1536

"My dewtye promised unto your Lordship in my most humbliest manner; advertysyng the same that yesterday the commons off Richmondshir did meat at Richmond, wher undoubtedly they dewydet (divided) them in thre partyes, wheroff one company there was commandet to come this day for my Lord my bedfellows ore his litell boy & Myn (and) Sir James Metcalff, ore his son Cristofer & Richard Sigiswik, and to brynge them with them or else to pull downe their housses and spoill them of their goodes. Another company goth fore my Lord Latymer ore his sone (and) Mr Danby with other in thosse quarters. And the third company goth to Barnard Castell to brynge to them my cousyn George Bowes & his two uncles. My lord my bedfelow is this nyght at Helbek Hall & wulbe with your Lordshipe at Skypton in as convenyent spead as he can maik to tak suche parte as your lordship dothe. And I will come this mornynge towardes Katewell & tary there off my bedfelowe, and wold come with hym to Skipton, iff ye thynke it good. And this nyghte I have sent my litell boy with his nursse unto one poore mans housse, to be kept privy there to we knowe forther. And what your lordshipes mynd is in the premysses I will hertly besuche you to send it to Catelwell with this berere.Thus tholy Gost preserve your good Lordship with my Lady my mother & all youres in comfort. at Bolton this Setterday before day,

Your humbliest daughter, Kateryn Scrope.