The Will of Lady Margaret Douglas

Chapter 2 : Excerpt from Will

This transcript is taken from North Country Wills, published by the Surtees Society

I, Margaret, Countesse of Lennox, widowe, late wife of Mathewe, Erle of Lennox, Regent of Scotlande, deceased, the six and twentieth daye of Februarie, 1577.

My bodie to be buried in the greate churche of Westminster, in the monument sepulture or tombe alreadie bargeyned for, and appointed to be made and sett uppe in the saide churche.

Also I will that the bodie of my sonne Charles shalbe removed from the churche of Hackney, and laide with myne both in one vawte or tombe in the saide churche of Westminster. And I give for my buriall the somme of twelve hundred poundes alias one thowsande twoo hundred poundes to be made and furnished of my plate, howshouldstuffe, and move ables to be soulde therefore And I will that fourtie poundes of the saide twelve hundred poundes shalbe given to the poore people at the daie of my buriall, and that there be one hundred gownes furnished to a hundred poore women.

Also I give to the Kinge of Skottes for a remembraunce of me, his grandmother, my newe fielde bed of blacke velvett imbrodered with flowers of neadle worke with the furniture thereunto belonginge, as curteins, quilte, and bedsteed, but not aine other beddinge there unto.

Also I give to Margaret Wilton my woman fiftie poundes, and to everie other servant one yeares wages.

To Thomas Fowler my servaunte all my stocke of sheepe in the custodie of Lawrence Nessebett, Symonde Doddesworthe, and Rowland Fothergyll, within my lordshippe of Settrington, in the countie of Yorke, beinge in numbre eight hundred, at six scoare to the hundred.

And where I owe unto the saide Thomas Fowler seaven hundred threscore eightene poundes and fiftene shillinges uppon the determinacon of his last aecompte, I will the same somme be paide of my goodes, chattells, plate, and jewells.

Also I give to the saide Thomas Fowler all my clockes, watches, dials.

And I make John Kaye, of Hackney, esquire, and the saide Thomas Fowler my executors. And I give the saide John Kaye fourtie powndes, and I will my verie good lordes, William, Lorde Burghley, Lord Treasawrer of Englande, and Roberte, Earle of Leicester my overseers. And I give to them for theire paines, the Lord Treasurer my ringe with fowre diamondes sett square therein, blacke enamiled, and to the Earle of Leycester my chaine of pommaunder beades netted over with golde, and my tablett with the picture of Kinge Henrye the eighte therein.

All the reste of my jewells, goodes, I give to the Ladye Arabell, daughter of my sonne Charles, deceased.