Meeting of Kings

June 1520

Chapter 5 : What was the Result?

Historically, the event has been seen as a huge waste of time and money, but Glenn Richardson, in his detailed new book (The Field of Cloth of Gold) puts forward the theory that, in fact, both sides were genuine in their desire to make a lasting peace.

Nevertheless, by 1522, England had made a separate treaty with the Empire (the Treaty of Bruges) and broken off the engagement between Princess Mary and the Dauphin. Hostilities broke out again in 1523, and then, at the end of Henry's reign, he made a final invasion of France.

Ironically, one of the charges against Wolsey drawn up in 1529, was that of "prodigal dispending of the King's treasure as well of sumptuous building made [for the Field of Cloth of Gold] only to that use and not to endure."

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