Howard Family

Sola Virtus Invicta (Only Virtue Unconquered)

Chapter 11 : War Again

Rustication did not last long. In October 1542, the opportunity to climb back into the King's good graces arose, with yet another military expedition by Henry being planned, in retaliation for a border skirmish which James V of Scots had won. Norfolk was sent to the Scots Border as Lieutenant-General, with Surrey by his side. The two of them led an army of 20,000 across the Tweed and sacked Kelso.

However, the campaign was not a success overall, and despite Norfolk boasting of sacking twenty towns and villages, Henry

"marvel(led) that you have not sent the names of the towns villages and castles you have destroyed.."

The Howards were further overshadowed by the military successes of Sir Thomas Wharton, whose victory at Solway Moss led to the death of King James, and the Earl of Hertford, who managed to burn Edinburgh.

Nevertheless, as one of the richest men in the country with an affinity large enough to enable him to levy troops, Norfolk was appointed Captain of the Vanguard when Henry invaded France again in 1544. Norfolk and Surrey were deputed to capture Montreuil, while Henry led an expedition against the far more prized town of Boulogne.

With men and rations scarce, and no way of preventing relieving French forces from supplying Montreuil,the whole Howard campaign ended in sorry failure, whilst Henry enjoyed victory at Boulogne.