A Royal Scandal

Chapter 7 : Further Reading


The following is a small selection of the many books written about Elizabeth I and Katherine Parr.

Erickson, C - The First Elizabeth (Summit Books; 1 edition Feb 1983)

Fraser, A. – The Six Wives of Henry VIII (Phoneix; 2012)

James, S. Catherine Parr – Henry VIII’s Last Love (The History Press; 2008) Read our review

Loades, David – The Six Wives of Henry VIII (Amberley Publishing; 2nd Revised edition 2010)

Norton, E – Catherine Parr (Amberley Publishing; 2010) Read our review

Norton, E – The Temptation of Elizabeth Tudor (Head of Zeus; 2015)

Porter, L. Katherine the Queen, the Remarkable Life of Katherine Parr (Macmillan; 2010) Read our review

Starkey, D. – Six Wives: The Queens of Henry VIII (Vintage; 2004)

Starkey, D – Elizabeth:Apprenticeship (Chatto & Windus April; 2000)

Weir, A - Elizabeth, the Queen (Vintage; Reprint edition 2009)

Weir, A. – The Six Wives of Henry VIII (The Bodley Head; 1991)


This story has been an important element in many fictional portrayals of Katherine Parr and Elizabeth I. Some of the best-known are:

Dunn, S – The Sixth Wife (Harper Perennial; 2007)

Erickson, C – The Last Wife of Henry VIII (JR Books Ltd; 2008)

Freemantle, E - Queen’s Gambit (Michael Joseph; 2013)

Irwin, M – Young Bess (Allison & Busby; 2013)

Plaidy, J – The Sixth Wife (Arrow; New Ed edition; 2006)