Katherine Parr: Following the Footsteps

Published 31st October 2014
Map of Great Britain showing the footsteps of Katherine Parr
  1. Jervaulx Abbey
  2. Hertford
  3. Kendal
  4. Sizergh Castle
  5. Snape Castle
  6. Sudeley Castle
  7. Tower of London
  8. Windsor
  9. St Paul's Cathedral
  10. Holy Trinity, Kendal
  11. St Andrews, Kirton-in-Lindsey
  12. St Ann, Blackfriars
  13. St Mary Magdalene, Horton
  14. Chelsea Manor
  15. Gainsborough Old Hall
  16. Greens Norton Manor
  17. Hanworth Manor
  18. Harrowden Hall
  19. Kirton-in-Lindsey
  20. Rye House
  21. Stansted Hall
  22. Greenwich
  23. Hampton Court
  24. Nonsuch
  25. Oatlands Palace
  26. Richmond
  27. Westminster
  28. Whitehall

Listed above are the places where we know Katherine Parr spent time. You can click on some of the individual sites to find out more about visiting them, or you can read here about the different places and the part they played in Katherine's life.