Margaret, Queen of Scots

Life Story

Margaret was the much loved and pampered daughter of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. Married to the charismatic James IV of Scotland, her life as a Queen Consort was honourable and happy. Unfortunately, war broke out between her native and her adopted countries, and, as a widow of twenty-three, Margaret struggled to maintain her position in a violent and divided nation. 

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Following in the Footsteps

The majority of Margaret’s life was lived in the palaces and castles of the Kings of England and Scotland. Twice she travelled between London and Edinburgh, and she spent some months in the Borders, driven into exile by fear (perhaps misplaced) of the Scottish Governor, Albany.

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Margaret’s marriage was arranged to bring peace between England and Scotland. Her wedding trip reflected the importance with which the union was viewed by both countries, but diplomacy failed in 1512, in part over the issue of an inheritance. Read more on these aspects of her life here.

Book Reviews

Modern biographies of Margaret are limited, although she often features in other biographies or general histories, such as Marshall’s ‘Scottish Queens’, Porter’s 'Crown of Thistles’, and de Lisle's ‘Tudor: the Family Story’. The most comprehensive account of her life is in Maria Perry’s 'Sisters to the King', reviewed here.