Edward Seymour: Character and Appearance

Chapter 2 : Appearance

Edward Seymour By Hilliard © Royal Collection Trust 2
Miniature by Hilliard © Royal Collection Trust

According to the late, renowned, art historian, Sir Roy Strong, the only definite likeness of Somerset is a posthumous miniature, painted by Hilliard from an earlier image. The Royal Collection is now less certain of attribution of either sitter or painter. It is from this portrait that the most commonly seen image of Somerset was identified as being him – that in the collection of the Marquess of Bath at Longleat. In both, he appears to be thin of face, with dark hair, and a forked beard.

Edward Seymour © Longleat
Edward Seymour, by an unknown artist © Longleat

Intriguingly, Janet Wertman, who has researched Somerset for her series of novels on him, has identified a third painting that she believes may represent him. More here.

Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset

Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset

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