Edward Seymour: Following the Footsteps


Blue: in current use
Purple: later replacement
Green: ruins
Grey: no trace

1. Wulfhall
2. Abbeville
3. Worms
4. Roye, Somme
5. Sheriff Hutton
6. Elvetham
7. Hampton Court
8. Windsor Castle
9. Solway Moss
10. Whitehall
11. Hertford Castle
12. Somerset Place
13. Pinkie Cleugh
14. Leith
15. Tower of London

In 1514, Somerset may have believed his future would lie in France, in the household of Mary the French Queen, but her early widowhood sent him home again. In the 1520s and 1530s, he undertook several diplomatic excursions, including to the famous 1521 Diet of Worms, as well as military campaigns in France. Later, his movements were between London and Edinburgh, as he endeavoured to impose English control on Scotland.

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Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset

Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset

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