1547 Battle of Pinkie Cleugh

Chapter 4 : Attack on the West

On 8th September 1547, Lord Wharton, Warden of the West March, summoned men to attack Scotland, with 20 days of provisions. On Friday 9th September, 2000 foot and 500 horse crossed the border, of whom some 200 were Scots in the pay of the English. The invading force marched to Castlemilk, on the south side of Glasgow, 8 miles from Dumfries, where the castellan, James Stewart, surrendered.

Glasgow and its environs were the heart of the Lennox earldom and Stewart demanded to see the glove of the Earl of Lennox, as proof of Lennox’s presence, before ceding the castle.

Stewart was replaced with Fergus Graeme at a rate of 2s per day, with 12 men paid 6d per day. The English then marched on Annan, which they destroyed, after some resistance.

We cutt and raiced down the churche wallis and steplee, and brent the towne, not leving any thing therin unbrent; which was the best town in Anerdaill’

Eventually, they returned to Carlisle with 80 prisoners, ordnance, ammunition and 12 hostages.

Although the English had anticipated that a number of Scots would join them, in the event the Scots were reluctant to fight with the old enemy, even if they didn’t come out for Arran.