Kings & Queens of Castile

There were four rulers of the kingdom of Castile during the period corresponding with the reign of the Tudors up until 1556, when Philip II, on death of his father Charles V, became King of a united Spain.

MonarchDates of ReignSpouse(s)
Isabella I15 January 1475 – 26 November 1504Ferdinand II, King of Aragon
Juana I26 November 1504 – 12 April 1555Philip von Hapsburg, Duke of Burgundy
Philip I
(in right of his wife)
26 November 1504 – 25 September 1506Juana I of Castile
Charles I
(known as
Charles V from his
title as Holy
Roman Emperor)

23 January 1516 – 16 January 1556Isabella of Portugal