James IV: Personality & Appearance

Chapter 3 : Renaissance King

As James' power and influence grew, he became determined to create a suitable setting for his majesty. The old hunting lodge of Falkland was transformed into a Renaissance Palace, complete with gardens and tennis courts, and liberal sprinklings of James' thistle badge, which was coming to be synonymous not only with him personally, but with Scotland.

Falkland Palace

Linlithgow, too, received a modern makeover and Stirling a new Great Hall.

Technology fascinated James, particularly military advances. The army he took across the Border in 1513 was equipped with the very latest in weaponry and tactical developments. Naval matters, too, were extremely important to him. Henry VIII has often been referred to as the father of the British Navy, but, in reality, James IV was there before him with his two enormous ships, the Great Michael and the Margaret, and he frequently visited the dockyards at Leith.

Model of the Great Michael