Arbella Stuart: Following the Footsteps

  1. Rufford Abbey
  2. Hackney
  3. Hardwick Hall
  4. Theobalds
  5. Pymmes
  6. Greenwich
  7. Whitehall
  8. Shrewsbury House
  9. Owlcotes/Oldcotes
  10. Wrest Park
  11. Sheen
  12. House at Blackfriars
  13. East Barnet
  14. Tower of London
  15. Westminster Abbey

Arbella’s family and connections were the great builders of the Elizabethan age. Hardwick Hall and Oldcotes, built for her grandmother, Pymmes Manor and Theobalds, for Lord Burghley, were all backdrops to Arbella’s sad story. Unfortunately, like so many of the potential claimants to the Tudor throne, the last walls she saw were those of the Tower of London.

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