Paying in Blood

Published: Sharpe Books on
Format: Paperback, Kindle
ISBN: 9798884230491


Alexander Baxby, an ambitious young man from humble origins, resents his dependence on his secretive patron Geoffrey, who will not even disclose his full name. After accepting a new position, supposedly serving a military commander, Baxby is horrified when he is expected to assist his over-worked surgeon when performing amputations. Nevertheless, Baxby proves his potential, by removing the soldier John Crackleton’s injured foot, and forms a long-lasting friendship.

When Geoffrey duly summons Baxby to Lincoln, he vows to help Crackleton discover how his wife died in the city, in mysterious circumstances. He is delighted that Geoffrey has arranged for him to train as a physician there, and starts to adjust to his new, professional life. But questions remain unanswered about Catherine Crackleton. The locals are reticent to talk. What are they afraid of?

Baxby grows nervous himself, after finding a seditious tract at a murder scene. He is introduced to court politics and grows wary after learning about Catherine's last days. But Baxby remembers his promise to his friend. Religion is inexplicably entwined with politics - with powerful clerics and statesmen being at odds - as the physician finally uncovers the truth.
Baxby’s loyalties will be tested. But murder must out.

“An exciting, powerfully written narrative with strong blend of action and intriguing mystery, well grounded in its historical period.” John Pilkington, A Reluctant Assassin

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