Patriot or Traitor?: The Life and Death of Sir Walter Raleigh

Published: Oneworld Publications on
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 978-1786074348

Sir Walter Ralegh lived more lives than most people of his own time, of any time. Prone to periods of extreme melancholy alternating with extreme activity, here was a liar who sometimes believed his own lies. Always driven, he was consumed with wonder as he paddled a canoe up the Orinoco. Ralegh was a man who pored over maps, asked dangerous questions of the world around him … and loved silk stockings. He had a hunger for life, a longing for death and a passion for words

Sir Walter Ralegh’s life is romantic, irresistible and of central importance to early modern history. His death is a convoluted and contested tale of bargaining, failure and betrayal. Through the Elizabethan golden age and Ralegh’s famous adventures to the final act, Anna Beer presents his stranger-than-fiction life in all its richness.

How could a man once the Queen’s favourite find himself consigned to the Tower by her successor? Should his legacy be fame or infamy? Who was the real Sir Walter Ralegh?

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