William Shakespeare: Following the Footsteps

Published 13th April 2016
Map of Great Britain showing the footsteps of William  Shakespeare

1. Pontefract Castle, West Yorkshire
2. Windsor Castle, Berkshire
3. Tower of London
4. The Temple Garden, London
5. St Albans, Hertfordshire
6. Abbey, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
7. Kenilworth, Warwickshire
8. Baynard's Castle, London
9. Salisbury, Wiltshire
10. Tamworth, Staffordshire
11. Bosworth, Leicestershire
12. Westminster Hall, London
13. York Place, London
14. Blackfriars, London
15. Kimbolton, Bedfordshire

Whether Shakespeare ever travelled beyond London and the English Midlands is unknown - despite setting many plays in Italy, he displays astonishing ignorance of its geography.

As so little is known, we have looked at the settings of some of the scenes in his history plays, both famous and obscure, for Shakepeare's Footsteps. Read about them here