Kings & Queens of Norway

Norway, a large and wealthy kingdom during the middle ages, was devastated by the Black Death, leading to economic decline, and union with first Denmark and Sweden, then just Denmark in the Kalmar union. After the departure of Sweden from the union, Denmark became the dominant partner, and, although Norway was recognised as separate, in terms of its language and laws, Denmark controlled the union.

Norway was originally a hereditary monarchy, but was forced to accept Christian I of Denmark as king, with all subsequent kings to be elected from amongst the previous king’s legitimate sons. In 1536, the fiction of Denmark and Norway being ruled by a single king, but as separate countries with their own laws, was abandoned when Denmark declared Norway a province.

MonarchDates of ReignSpouse(s)
John (or Hans)21 May 1483 - 20 February 1513Christina of Savoy
CHristian II22 July 1513 - 20 January 1523Isabella of Austria
Frederik I20 January 1523 - 10 April 1533Anna of Brandenburg
Sophia of Pomerania
INTERREGNUM1533 - 1537
Christian III1537 - 1 January 1559Dorothea of Saxe-Lauenburg
Frederik II1 January 1559 - 4 April 1588Sophia of Mecklenburg-Gustrow
Christian IV4 April 1588 - 28 February 1648Anne-Catherine of Brandenburg
Kirsten Munk (morganatic)